Worst. Holiday. Ever : Jnr Fiction reviewed

Worst. Holiday. Ever : Jnr Fiction reviewed

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Read & reviewed Jan (Local School Librarian); This was a very funny book about a nervous young boy called Stan who ends up going on holiday to Italy with his (fifth) best friend Felix and ALL Felix’s family and friends. There are so many things Stan is worried about and each of these worries becomes a chapter in the book. The holiday takes many unexpected twists and turns and as it turns out, Stan is braver than he thinks!

This is a great story about growing up and moving out of your comfort zone. It took me a while to get into, but definitely worth persisting past the first few chapters. Stan is a very likeable character.


A hilarious new book by bestselling children's author Charlie Higson, perfect for fans of Adrian Mole.

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories, Children’s / Teenage: Personal and social topics

Age: From 10 to 14 years


Charlie Higson

352 pages

H: 200mm W: 130mm Spine: 20mm

Weight: 250 grams