Where's Wally? A-MAZE-ing Journeys

Where's Wally? A-MAZE-ing Journeys

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Journey with Wally on this ultimate maze adventure! With eleven extraordinary maze scenes, plus mini-mazes and extra searches to challenge you, too. Wow!

Wally invites you to join him on an incredible journey of a lifetime! Every fabulous location he visits is a magnificent mind-boggling maze, with twists and turns in all directions. Trace your fingers along the paths from start to finish and complete the maze challenges and searches along the way. Wander through galleries, blast off from a space centre, pick-and-mix a route through a sweet factory, sneak behind the scenes in Wallywood and boogie the night away at the disco. With even more places to discover and checklists of extra things to look for in every scene, this is a truly a-maze-ing experience!

Children’s: picture books - activity books - early learning concepts, Children’s / Teenage: General interest, Children’s interactive and activity books and kits

Age: From 5 to 16 years


Martin Handford, Martin Handford

32 pages

H: 298mm W: 308mm Spine: 11mm

Weight: 515 grams