Welcome to St Hell: My trans teen misadventure

Welcome to St Hell: My trans teen misadventure

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Lewis has a few things to say to his younger teen self. He knows she hates her body. He knows she's confused about who to snog. He knows she's really a he and will ultimately realize this ...

But she's going to go through a whole lot of mess (some of it funny, some of it not funny at all) to get to that point. Lewis is trying to tell her this ... but she's refusing to listen.

In Welcome to St. Hell, author-illustrator Lewis Hancox takes readers on the hilarious, heartbreaking and healing path he took to make it past trauma, confusion, hurt and dubious fashion choices in order to become the man he was meant to be.

Graphic novels - Comic books - Cartoons, Teenage: Personal and social topics.


Lewis Hancox

304 pages

H: 212mm W: 142mm Spine: 17mm

Weight: 550 grams