Weird Is Beautiful: The Wisdom of Octopuses

Weird Is Beautiful: The Wisdom of Octopuses

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Wisdom begins in wonder: and there is no creature so weird and wonderful as the octopus.

Wise, compassionate, strong yet adaptable - and with Houdini-like vanishing tricks - octopuses are the most fascinating creatures on the planet. They provide a masterclass in self-care and there is so much we can learn from them. With the help of Weird Is Beautiful you will discover:

* When to be strong, and when to be flexible
* How to sift through the flotsam and jetsam of your life to find the pearls you should cling to
* How camouflage can be self-care, but when you should let your true colours shine!
* How to multi-task, even when you don't have eight arms
* When to allow the currents of the ocean to sweep you along, and when to stick your tentacles to the rocks and resist
* How to live wild, weird and free

Who said life above water can't sparkle?


Liz Marvin

128 pages

H: 181mm W: 134mm Spine: 8mm

Weight: 330 grams