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Read & reviewed by Olive (Local Tawa Student): Wave Riders is a book that I personally loved. It is about two twins, Jess and Jude, who get shipwrecked and adopted after their caretaker, Gabriel Carter, disappears. The couple that adopted them seem nice and thoughtful, but on the inside they have terrible secrets to hide. Jess and Jude slowly untangle their parents’ past whilst living at the Blakeneys’ family mansion.

I would rate it 8+ and for people who like mystery books. I would give it a 10/10 star rating because it is really gripping and has a great ending.


A high seas adventure - Swallows and Amazons meets Abi Elphinstone, from the bestselling author of the Laura Marlin Mysteries and Kat Wolfe Investigates.

A storm is coming. What will it take to survive?

An exciting adventure set at sea, from the bestselling author of the Laura Marlin Mysteries and Kat Wolfe Investigates. Twins Jess and Jude Carter live a dream life sailing from one exotic destination to the next with their guardian, Gabriel. But after Gabe vanishes and a storm smashes up their lives, they're left penniless and alone.

When a wealthy, glamorous family offer them a home, everybody tells them they're the luckiest children in the world. But the Blakeneys' stately mansion is full of secrets - secrets that seem entangled with the twins' own fate. As they race to uncover the truth, Jess and Jude must confront their deepest fears.

How do you solve a mystery when that mystery is you? Wave Riders from Lauren St John is an exciting and compelling middle-grade tale of sailing, family and identity.

Mystery, Adventure

Age: From 9 years


Lauren St John

416 pages

H: 198mm W: 130mm Spine: 28mm

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