Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World

Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries: How Women (Also) Built the World

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A journey through history of the women who built the world, but whom the world forgot.

Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries brings together Kate's rich and detailed knowledge of unheard and under-heard women's history, and of how and why women's achievements have routinely been omitted from the history books.

This beautiful illustrated book is both an alternative feminist history of the world and a personal memoir about the nature of women's struggles to be heard, about how history is made and by whom. Split into ten sections, each covering a different category of women's achievements in history, Kate Mosse tells the stories of female inventors and scientists, philanthropists and conservationists, authors and campaigners.

It is the most accessible narrative non-fiction with a genuinely diverse, truly global perspective featuring names such as Sophie Scholl, Mary Seacole, Cornelia Sorabji, Helen Suzman, Shirley Chisholm, and Violette Szabo. And in deeply personal passages Kate writes about the life of her great-grandmother, Lily Watson, where she turns detective to find out why she has all but disappeared from the record.

History and Archaeology, Society and Social Sciences, Lifestyle - Hobbies and Leisure

Age: From 18 years


Kate Mosse

432 pages

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