Voices of World War II: New Zealanders Share Their Stories

Voices of World War II: New Zealanders Share Their Stories

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'We are only a small and young nation, but we are one and all a band of brothers and we march forward with a union of hearts and wills to a common destiny.' - Michael Joseph Savage, Prime Minister of New Zealand, upon the outbreak of WWII in 1939

Voices of World War II shows the human side of war through dozens of first-hand memories, stories, and reflections on life during wartime in New Zealand and overseas. A visually captivating compendium of photographs and written accounts, it provides a snapshot of what life was like during WWII, from the point of view of those who lived through it.

Descriptions are given by a solider lying in his tent, hearing bombs land close by; young school children explain what it was like to have bomb shelter practices at school; a Land Girl meets the farmer she would work with for the first time. Stories are shared about leaving New Zealand and heading into the unknown, as well as WWI-veteran fathers refusing to send their sons to war. Women share what life was like as a WAAF, Wren or nurse overseas.

In this collection of memories sent in by families across New Zealand, you will find a rare insight into wartime life across generations and vocations. Fascinating and genuine, it is both a tribute to the resilience and bravery of those who served in WWII, and a historical account which will teach younger generations about the lives of their ancestors.


"The book is a treasure and I compliment you on the extent of the coverage relating to the WWII years. A remarkable book." Wendy Rhodes (The Editor of NZ Memories)

"I have read many books in WWII, but this one is so very different. It covers the war from so many aspects, not just focusing on the front-line action, but looking at the affects of war from many angles. I congratulate you for producing such a wonderful and thought-provoking record of WWII and I am sure all who read it will hear the voices that you have recorded." BJ Clarke QSM JP (New Zealand President of the RSA)

"Voices of WWII is both a tribute to resilience and bravery of those who served and a historic account that will teach younger generations about the lives of their ancestors. Renee, thank you and congratulations on this wonderful book; Voices of WWII" Hon Meka Whaitiri (Minister for Veterans)

Author Biography: Renee Hollis is an author, photographer and organizer of collaborative projects for creative artists. She was previously a primary school teacher in New Zealand, the Cook Islands and Botswana. Renee's other books include Keepers of History: New Zealand centenarians tell their stories.

Biography - Literature and Literary studies, True stories: general, History and Archaeology


Renee Hollis

296 pages

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