The Mirror Book

The Mirror Book

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Click here to visit Charlotte's interview on RNZ Nine to Noon April 21



Finalist, General Non Fiction Award

Click here to visit 2022 Ockham NZ Book Awards Shortlist

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Growing up behind the family facade. Brave, explosive, and thought-provoking, this is a powerful memoir from a critically acclaimed writer.

'It's material, make a story out of it,' was the mantra Charlotte Grimshaw grew up with in her famous literary family. But when her life suddenly turned upside-down, she needed to re-examine the reality of that material. The more she delved into her memories, the more the real characters in her life seemed to object. So what was the truth of 'a whole life lived in fiction'? This is a vivid account of a New Zealand upbringing, where rebellion was encouraged, where trouble and tragedy lay ahead. It looks beyond the public face to the 'messy reality of family life - and much more'.

Biography - Literature and Literary studies, Memoirs


Charlotte Grimshaw

320 pages

H: 233mm W: 154mm Spine: 27mm

Weight: 392 grams