The Giant's Almanac

The Giant's Almanac

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Magical fantasy adventure for readers aged 9-99 who have loved Phlip Pullman and Kiran Milwood Hargrave. Your own story can be the most magical of all . . .

Fitz thinks he is an ordinary eleven-year-old and loves to turn simple things into mini-adventures, like sneaking next door and filching books from Mr Ahmadi's vast library of mysterious tomes, and goading the guard dog into giving breakneck chase.

But one tranquil evening three sharp knocks on the front door change everything . . . 'I said I would come for him. He is my jewel. It is time. It is past time.' Now on the run from a threat that has been waiting his entire life, Fitz's only hope is to put his life in the hands of his enigmatic neighbour, Mr Ahmadi.

Taken on as an apprentice in a secret society who keep all they really do cloaked in mystery, Fitz has to quickly learn the ropes within the most skilful, most powerful, most dangerous and wealthiest organisation in the world . . .

Age: From 9 years


Andrew Zurcher is Director of Studies in English at Queens' College, Cambridge, and a leading international expert on the works of Spenser, Sidney and Shakespeare. Twelve Nights, published in 2018, was his first novel.

528 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm Spine: 31mm

Weight: 362 grams