The Wedding Party: The Number One Irish Bestseller!

The Wedding Party: The Number One Irish Bestseller!

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The #1 Sunday Times bestselling author Cathy Kelly brings you a heartwarming and refreshingly relatable new story about sisterhood, love and friendship - and the secrets we keep hidden from those closest to us.

Four sisters.
One secret.
A day they'll never forget...
The story follows the four Robicheaux sisters as they return home for their parents' wedding, at the beautiful Hotel Sorrento where they all grew up as children.
For the first time in 15 years, the sisters are back together - and it doesn't take long for long-buried secrets to surface...
With her inimitable warmth and wisdom, Cathy Kelly shows us that in the messy reality of marriage, family, and romance, sometimes it's the women in our lives who hold us together.

Contemporary Family 


Cathy Kelly

352 pages

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