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The Soulmate

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Reviewed by Karen (retired Bookseller); The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth is a brilliantly written domestic suspence novel.  The story is told from two alternating perspectives, Pippa & Amanda's, creating a suspenceful, full of twists plot.  Characters with many issues and secrets, makes this novel fast paced & hard to put down.  A favourite for me.

Gabe is alone at the cliff's edge. His arms are outstretched, palms facing the empty air. He said she jumped. He wouldn't lie.

Before the woman went over the cliff, Pippa and Gabe were happy. They had the kind of marriage that everyone envies, as well as two sweet young daughters, a supportive family, and a picturesque cliff-side home - which would have been idyllic had the tall beachside cliffs not become so popular among those wishing to end their lives.

Gabe has become somewhat of a local hero since they moved to the cliff house, talking seven people down from stepping off the edge. But when Gabe fails to save the eighth, a sordid web of secrets begins to unravel, pushing bonds of loyalty and love to the brink. What wouldn't you do for your soulmate?

Praise for The Soulmate

'Could not stop reading' - Holly Wainwright

'Masterfully designed ... The Soulmate examines love and loyalty, and how fare we're willing to go for the sake of family' - Mary Kubica

'Scalpel-cut insights into modern marriage and the things we overlook in the name of love' - Trent Dalton

Crime and mystery fiction, Fiction: general and literary


Sally Hepworth

320 pages

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