The Red Planet (paperback)

The Red Planet (paperback)

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An enthralling narrative journey through the paradoxes, eccentricities and mysteries of Mars by an award-winning writer, geologist and geophysicist.

Mars is never far from our news headlines or imaginations: there has never been a better time to acquaint ourselves with its dramatic history and astonishing present.

From the planet's formation 4.5 billion years ago, through eras that featured cataclysmic meteor strikes, explosive volcanoes and a vast ocean that spanned the entire upper hemisphere, to the long, frozen ages that saw its atmosphere steadily thinning and leaking away into space, Dr Simon Morden presents a tantalising vision of our nearest neighbour.

Piecing together the latest research, theories and informed speculation, The Red Planet is as close as we can get to an eye-witness account of this incredible place.

'You'll never look at that red dot in the sky the same way again.' Ian McDonald, author of Luna: Moon Rising

'Full of intrigue . . . like a beautifully narrated adventure detective story.' Professor Lucy Rogers, author of It's Only Rocket Science

'Written with a poet's flourish, this is your comprehensive guide to humanity's future home.' Colin Stuart, author of How to Live in Space

'An excellent read and highly recommended.' Popular Astronomy

'An engaging and well-researched book.' Fortean Times

Nature and the natural world: general interest


Simon Morden

256 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm