The Paris Cooking School

The Paris Cooking School

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The Australian Women's Weekly Great Read

'there is a freshness and vivacity to this cooking school novel that is utterly beguiling.' - The Australian Women's Weekly

Life rarely serves up the perfect dish, but second chances are always on the menu . . .

There's nothing quite so beautiful as Paris in the spring; and when you add in the chance to learn the French way of food, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, who can resist? Not Gabi Picabea or Kate Evans who have come from Australia to Sylvie Morel's Paris Cooking School.

Both are at a crossroads, and learning to cook the French way in Paris, far away from all their troubles, seems like the perfect escape.

Still bruised from a shocking betrayal by her ex-husband, Kate is trying to find a new place for herself in life, and emotional peace, while French-Australian artist Gabi is struggling with a crippling creative block.

Meanwhile, Sylvie is facing challenges of her own - a mysterious harassment campaign against the school and a reassessment of her relationship with her commitment-shy lover, Claude.

For each of the women, that extraordinary April in Paris will bring unexpected twists and transformations that will change the course of their lives.

A delectable novel about love, hope and the consolations of the perfect strawberry tart, The Paris Cooking School is a treat for the soul.

Fiction: general and literary


Sophie Beaumont

352 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm