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James Euchre lives an easy life as a local attorney in a small Texan town, making plenty of money from patent infringement cases.


But when his mentor is killed and one of his clients is arrested for murder, Jimmy is forced to take on his first criminal case - defending the man who allegedly killed his friend.


As Jimmy and his team search for the truth, they uncover some deadly secrets. And the deeper he goes, the more Jimmy fears that he'll fail to save an innocent client's life - or worse - wind up freeing a guilty man. . .

'[Joey Hartstone] writes with verve and affection about the things that divide and connect the characters in Marshall's insular criminal-justice community. The characters are vivid and worth rooting for, and the plot is just complicated enough to be interesting without being overwhelming... terrific' - New York Times

Thriller / suspense fiction


Joey Hartstone

320 pages

H: 216mm W: 135mm