The Lighthouse Princess

The Lighthouse Princess

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2023 Winner Best First Book NZSA Award

2023 Finalist Illustration Russell Clark Award

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The 2021 Storylines Gavin Bishop Award-winning picture book is a delightful contemporary fairytale about an independent princess, who looks after a very special lighthouse lamp, fishes off the balcony and goes swimming with seals.

A vibrant modern fairytale about a lighthouse-keeper princess who rescues a boy in a storm - winner, Storylines Gavin Bishop Award 2021.

"Do you need rescuing from this tower?" he asked her. "No," she said, "I like it here." The Lighthouse Princess is almost perfectly happy. She takes care of the light that keeps ships at sea safe, catches fish off the balcony and swims with penguins and seals. But one day, a little fishing boat with green sails sets out just as a storm blows up...

Poet Susan Wardell's debut picture book is a celebration of independence and friendship, with magical and award-winning illustrations by Rose Northey, recipient of the Storylines Gavin Bishop Award 2021.

Picture storybook

Paperback / softback  Picture book  32pp  h284mm  x  w216mm  x s4mm  186g