The Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race (The Last Kids on Earth)

The Last Kids on Earth and the Doomsday Race (The Last Kids on Earth)

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Jack, Quint, June, and Dirk's journey continues with new friends, new stakes, and a new ride!

With his zombie-controlling powers growing stronger, Jack Sullivan and his buddies are road-tripping toward the mysterious Tower, where they must once and for all stop Rezzoch the Ancient, Destructor of Worlds, from descending upon our dimension. But their journey is sidetracked when they are swept up by the Mallusc, an enormous centipede monster carrying the world's largest shopping mall on its back.

On board, the kids discover a thriving monster society: Mallusc City! There, they encounter old allies as well as old foes, who are ruling over Mallusc City with an iron fist. Beating these bad guys in battle is not an option, but beating them in an election is... so Jack runs for mayor of Mallusc City! At first, proving his leadership skills just means shaking monster hands, kissing monster babies and promising to fill the water fountains with strawberry Nesquik. But when the Mallusc falls under attack, Jack must learn how to be a true leader before it's too late . . .

Told in a mixture of text and black-and-white illustration, this is the perfect series for any kid who's ever dreamed of starring in their own comic book or video game.


Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories, Children’s / Teenage: General interest

Age: From 8 to 12 years


Max Brallier, Douglas Holgate

320 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm Spine: 24mm

Weight: 290 grams