The Husband's Secret (paperback)

The Husband's Secret (paperback)

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How well do you know your husband? Cecilia Fitzpatrick, devoted mother, successful Tupperware business owner and efficient P&C President, has found a letter from her husband: 'For my wife, Cecilia Fitzpatrick, to be opened only in the event of my death.' But Cecilia's husband isn't dead, he's on a business trip. And when she questions him about it on the phone, Cecilia senses something she hasn't experienced before: John-Paul is lying. What happens next changes Cecilia's formerly blissful suburban existence forever, and the consequences will be life-changing for the most unexpected people.

'So good you won't be able to keep it to yourself' USA TODAY

'The story is cleverly plotted, full of suspense and so well-written that it pulls you in from the first page' SUNDAY MIRROR

'Dark and compelling, this is a must read' SUN

'Intelligent and funny' SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

Fiction: general and literary


Liane Moriarty

416 pages

H: 130mm W: 198mm Spine: 26mm

Weight: 312 grams