The Freedom of Birds : Historical Fiction Reviewed

The Freedom of Birds : Historical Fiction Reviewed

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Review by Karen, retired Tawa bookseller;

"I loved the blend of fiction & history set in the early 19th century.  Turbulent times as resistance spread across Europe, following years of war as Napolean's army plundered & conquered vast lands.

The three main characters friendship develops into a family like bond as they are forced to move from place to place by circumstances beyond their control.  I enjoyed the other characters too, in this fast moving enthralling  tale of passion, hope, treachery & treason.  Vivid images of nature, landscapes, art, theater & architecture, the misery of poverty & brutality of war abound.

A fascinating, captivating read for fans of historical fiction


Two French storytellers and a runaway girl travel through fairytale lands, Italian theatres, and the battlefields of France in search of a place to belong as Napoleon's Empire falls, from the author of Josephine's Garden.

With Saskia, a runaway orphan girl, Remi and Pascal form a performing troupe, travelling through the fairytale lands that are home to the Brothers Grimm, before finding a safe haven in Venice.

As Napoleon's vast Empire crumbles, the French storytellers discover that Paris itself is now at risk of invasion and they fear for the loved ones they have left behind.

From picturesque villages to Italian theatres and on to the battlefields outside of Paris, this is a beautifully told story about the bonds of love and friendship, the importance of stories, and finding a place to belong.

Historical fiction, Fiction: general and literary


Stephanie Parkyn

432 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm

Weight: 572 grams