The Flip Out: Sam Kerr: Kicking Goals #1

The Flip Out: Sam Kerr: Kicking Goals #1

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Sam Kerr is an Aussie Rules fan through and through. When she's excluded from her team she doesn't know what to do. Netball? No thanks. Chess? Bleugh. Her best friends Dylan and Indi think she should flip from Aussie Rules to soccer - and it doesn't seem so bad at first.

The coach is OK. The team seems nice enough ...

But with Chelsea the school bully on her case and the pressure of learning new rules weighing her down, will it all be too much? Will Sam give up - or will she make the flip?


Age: From 7 years


Sam Kerr, Fiona Harris, Aki Fukuoka

176 pages

H: 198mm W: 128mm