The Fact-Packed Activity Book: Dinosaurs

The Fact-Packed Activity Book: Dinosaurs

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A fun, fact-filled activity book about dinosaurs with exciting activities, puzzles, and more!

Journey into the prehistoric world and learn everything about our primal friends in this exciting activity book. Do you know your Brachiosaurus from your Stegosaurus? Or that during the Triassic period plants were almost non-existent, or that dinosaurs are still roaming the Earth?

So much more dino-fun awaits you in this activity book, if you dare to cross into their territory. While kids pore over the reference pages packed with plenty of fascinating facts, fun challenges, quizzes, and puzzles will inspire creativity. Course through the maze and find out what your favourite dinosaurs liked to feast on, colour your way to the complete story of fossilization, and follow the clues to discover where dinosaurs called home.

With lively activities that go hand in hand with the educational material, learning has never been so effortlessly fun and easy! Perfect for inquisitive, fact-loving kids and budding palaeontologists, The Fact-Packed Activity Book- Dinosaurs will keep young readers entertained for hours.

Children’s / Teenage: General interest, Children’s interactive and activity books and kits

Age: From 5 years



96 pages

H: 281mm W: 217mm Spine: 9mm

Weight: 441 grams