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Dive with young whale Fluke into a sparkling deep-sea adventure.

Fluke is a young sperm whale with big dreams of seeing the stars. But when you've got a whale-sized head in the way, looking up isn't easy. So when wise old Cachalot advises him to look for the stars that shine below, Fluke sets off on an adventure that he never imagined possible.

'Stardiving is the tale of a young sperm whale challenged to open his eyes on an exciting deep-diving adventure.

This heartfelt picture book by the author-illustrator of titles including The Poppy and The Perfect Leaf gently guides its primary school readers towards a strong sense of self, and a scientific and environmental awareness. Plant's lyrical text and beautiful illustrations shine in this magical journey to the depths of the underwater galaxy of stars...Aptly, Plant's acrylic paints and watercolour pencils in eye-catching greens and blues brilliantly convey varied viewpoints and contrast daytime serenity with night-time scenes of glowing marine life in aquamarine and white against a dark navy sea. This stunning picture book will encourage its young readers to look within, and to also look out for our world.' - Romi Sharp, Books+Publishing

Children’s: picture books


Andrew Plant

32 pages

H: 285mm W: 215mm