Spark Hunter

Spark Hunter

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NZ Childrens & Young Adult Book Award 2022

Winner NZSA Best First Book Award

Rowena read (Bookseller):  Loved it!  I'd recommend to lover's of the great outdoors and those that enjoy the Avartar themes. Spark Hunter doesn't have "goodies" or "baddies", it has a very real sense of our reality, there's no definite right/wrong but an urgent need to 'Get better at being good'.

One of my favourite lines in the book is from a elder light called Tau 'Well, I have been here long enough to know that I do not know everything....Others are always worth consulting.  Everyone has some kind of wisdom to contribute, even the very tender-footed, like you'

I found Sonya's article in the Spin off a wonderful back story to the book, check it out by clicking the link below
The Spinoff Article, Writer Sonya Wilson

Over a million hectares of wild bush-clad land and one young hunter ... Nissa Marshall knows that something is hiding deep in the forests of Fiordland National Park - she's seen their lights in the trees. But what are they, and why does no one else seem to notice them? When Nissa abandons her school camp to track down the mysterious lights, she finds herself lost in a dangerous wonderland. But she's not the only one in danger - the bush and the creatures are under threat too - and she wants to help. What can a school kid do where adults have failed, and can she find her way back? In Fiordland, the lost usually stay lost.

Spark Hunter is an epic Kiwi adventure-fantasy - a story of survival in one of the world's last great wildernesses.

Age; from 10 years


Sonya Wilson