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Steve (retired Owner) comment after reading...

This is not a dull non-fiction book, I was captivated. Ranulph Feinnes, polar adventurer is a master storyteller who understands & captured the organisational, fund raising problems that polar travel require, allowing him to write vividly & with empathy the hell that these men went though.

This was the era that little was known about preparing for the Antarctic - scurvy, calorie deflicit was not widely recognised, whether to use dogs, ponies, motor vechicle or just manpower to pull sledges was being debated & trialled. 

Currently we have Billionaires racing to get to space first, when just over 100 years ago explorer's were rushing to be the first to the north & south poles - with very basic equipment, no communications they had to survive in the harshest of conditions on their own - a must read.

An authoritative biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton from polar adventurer Ranulph Fiennes.

In 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton's attempt to traverse the Antarctic was cut short when his ship, Endurance, became trapped in ice. The disaster left Shackleton and his men alone at the frozen South Pole, fighting for their lives.

Their survival and escape is the most famous adventure in history. Shackleton is an engaging new account of the adventurer, his life and his incredible leadership under the most extreme of circumstances. Written by polar adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes who followed in Shackleton's footsteps, he brings his own unique insights to bear on these infamous expeditions. Shackleton is both re-appraisal and a valediction, separating the man from the myth he has become.

Biography - Literature and Literary studies, Earth Sciences - Geography - Environment - Planning


Ranulph Fiennes

416 pages

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