Rolo's Story

Rolo's Story

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A heart-warming tale of one dog's adventure to find a forever home, told from a dog's-eye view.

Neglected and unloved by his owner, Rolo decides that he doesn't need a human any more. He can look after himself just fine! But for a puppy living on the streets, each day brings a new struggle for survival.
Then Freya comes along. As Rolo learns to trust the girl, he realizes that a real home is what he's been looking for after all. But can he convince Freya's mum to accept a scruffy puppy like him into their lives?

For fans of I, COSMO, A DOG'S LIFE and Michael Morpurgo.

Dog's Eye view

Age: From 8 years


Blake Morgan

192 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm