Rocks and Minerals Ultimate Handbook

Rocks and Minerals Ultimate Handbook

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Discover everything you need to know about the incredible rocks, minerals, and gemstones of the natural world in this essential, fact-filled handbook Unearth the wonderful world of marvellous minerals, spectacular stones, and glistening gems in this complete guide to Earth's rocks and minerals.

This fact-packed title in DK's Ultimate Handbook series reveals a treasure trove of information about more than 200 of the most fascinating rocks, minerals, and gems. Learn all about where these objects come from, what they are made of, their uses, and their unique characteristics. With must-know stats about each featured rock or mineral, including its colours, crystal shapes, and the materials it is made of, alongside detailed photography and expert information, this book is perfect for young enthusiasts.

DK's Rocks and Minerals Ultimate Handbook is sure to amaze any budding geologist. So if you want to learn about volcanic rocks, precious metals, or minerals that glow in the dark, then this book will be a great addition to your bookshelf

, Children’s / Teenage reference material

Age: From 5 to 9 years



352 pages

H: 230mm W: 151mm Spine: 20mm

Weight: 732 grams