Rita's Revenge

Rita's Revenge

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The town of Little Dismal has more than its fair share of clever animals, which is why they are now in danger. Can Rita poet, outcast and duck solve the case of the chook-napped Clara?

A quacking mystery story from the award-winning author of A Clue for Clara.

Chasing cows and pigs. Mockery. Rude songs. Piracy, bullying, revenge, warfare and general thuggery.

This is the list of approved duck activities and it does NOT include poetry.

The ducks of Little Dismal are angry. A scruffy chicken called Clara has been telling lies about them. They need revenge.

Enter Rita - a duck with the soul of a poet. After an embarrassing talent night, Rita sees revenge on Clara as a chance to restore her reputation.

But Rita finds more than revenge on her mission. She uncovers a dastardly plan to chook-nap the clever chicken that will take them both a long way from home.

Luckily, it's Rita's unlikely friendship with a small human and the help of some street-smart birds that just might save the day and inspire an epic poem!


Age: From 8 years


Lian Tanner

352 pages

H: 198mm W: 128mm

Weight: 307 grams