Red Widow

Red Widow

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What if your closest friend turned out to be a traitor...of the worst kind? And it was your job to bring her to justice?

Lyndsey Duncan, cast down and restless from a required home leave, has one thing keeping her going-a second chance to prove herself at the agency. So when her former boss-now Chief of the Russia Division, where Lyndsey was once a top handler in the Moscow Field Station -- unexpectedly cuts her break short and recruits her to investigate a potential mole in the department after the exposure of three Russian assets, Lyndsey finds herself entrenched once again in fickle fields.

With years of work in question and lives on the line, Lyndsey is thrown back into life at the agency, this time tracing the steps of those closest to her. Meanwhile, fellow agent Theresa Warner can't avoid the spotlight. She is the infamous "Red Widow," the wife of a former director mysteriously killed in the field. With her husband's legacy shadowing her ever move, Theresa is a fixture of the Russia Division, and her knowledge and friendship prove invaluable to Lyndsey.

But as Lyndsey uncovers a surprising connection to Theresa that could answer all of her questions, she unearths a terrifying web of secrets within the department, if only she is willing to unravel it...

Thriller / suspense fiction


Alma Katsu

352 pages

H: 208mm W: 138mm