Niho Taniwha: Improving Teaching and Learning for Akonga Māori

Niho Taniwha: Improving Teaching and Learning for Akonga Māori

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In an education system failing Māori, how can teachers ensure Māori students thrive in their learning?

Niho Taniwha equips educators with culturally responsive practices to better serve and empower Māori students and their whanau. The book is centred around the Niho Taniwha model in which both the learner and the teacher move through three phases in the teaching and learning process: Whai, Ako and Mau.

Educational success for Māori students is about more than academic achievement - it includes all aspects of hauora (health and wellbeing). This book demonstrates how to create learning environments that encompass self-esteem, happiness and engagement in Māori language, identity and culture.

While Niho Taniwha presents challenging topics, the book has a practical focus that supports teachers in how to implement the model. Niho Taniwha will challenge and motivate the reader to improve their learning and teaching environment.

Society and Social Sciences


DR Melanie Riwai-Couch

300 pages

H: 270mm W: 220mm