Mr Wrong Number: Tiktok Made Me Buy It!

Mr Wrong Number: Tiktok Made Me Buy It!

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A steamy text to the wrong number has laugh-out-loud consequences in this irresistible rom-com, perfect for fans of THE LOVE HYPOTHESIS Bad luck has always followed Olivia.

But when a steamy text from a random number turns into the most entertaining relationship of her life, it seems things are looking up... Colin has always considered Olivia his flatmate's annoying little sister. Until she moves in with them, and he realizes she's turned into an altogether sexier distraction... He's determined to keep his distance, but it isn't easy.

Especially when he discovers she's the girl he's been secretly messaging. Now, Mr Wrong Number must make a decision. Should he shut down the messages, before things get messy? Or turn up the heat...?

Romance, Humorous fiction.


Lynn Painter

352 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm Spine: 21mm

Weight: 245 grams