Mini Amigurumi Birds: 25 Tiny Flying Creatures to Crochet

Mini Amigurumi Birds: 25 Tiny Flying Creatures to Crochet

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This charming book contains 25 characterful little birds to crochet in amigurumi style!

These cute and colourful tiny birds, including a peacock, swan, owl, toucan, penguin, flamingo and even a mini egg, can be crocheted with small amounts of yarn and are perfect for using up your stash. Each of the little fun birds can be used as keychains, baby mobiles, bag pendants or simply to make and collect! Clear and easy-to-follow crochet techniques and diagrams make it easy to get started.


Materials and tools 8
Pattern notes 9
Crochet techniques 10

Projects: Cockatoo 12, Macaw 14, Toucan 15, Hummingbird 17, Peacock 20, Ostrich 22, Emu 23, Flamingo 24, Penguin 26, Rockhopper penguin 27, Puffin 28, Kingfisher 30, Blackbird 31, Robin 32, Bluetit 33, Seagull 36, Stork 37, Owl 38, Pigeon 39, Swan 40, Eagle 42, Duck 43, Bat 44, Hen 45, Chick 46, Egg 47.


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Sarah Abbondio

48 pages

H: 180mm W: 180mm Spine: 10mm

Weight: 260 grams