Mindful Japanese Origami: Paper Block Plus 64-Page Book

Mindful Japanese Origami: Paper Block Plus 64-Page Book

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Make your own origami models with this book and printed papers. The therapeutic effects of origami are well known in Japan.

By focusing on the experience of creating beautiful paper models, this collection of 15 projects specific to Japanese culture will guide you on a path to connectedness, awareness and improved physical and emotional health. Not only that, the feelings of joy and satisfaction gained from completing a model will produce inner peace and help bring some respite to our busy daily lives.

Origami is also the perfect tool for anyone interested in taking the first steps toward a mindful lifestyle - it can be done anywhere and no expensive equipment is required. To get you started, 250 pieces of origami paper are provided, including a selection of sheets you can colour in yourself - another activity proven to elicit a calming response in the body.

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Mari Ono

64 pages

H: 150mm W: 150mm

Weight: 588 grams