Lottie Brooks's Totally Disastrous School-Trip

Lottie Brooks's Totally Disastrous School-Trip

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The fourth book in this hilarious bestselling series full of friendship, family and first experiences from the creator of Hurrah for Gin. Lottie Brooks continues to navigate the many perils of growing up in this fantastically funny illustrated series for a 9-12 audience, filled with friendship, embarrassing moments and plenty of lols.

Woe is me. So much is wrong in my life... Still look like a tomato Am stuck indoors whilst my friends go bowling without me (rude) My parents are leaving me to go out on a 'Date Night.' GROSS! After a summer of meeting handsome French boys and getting a tiny bit sunburnt. OK, fine - a lot sunburnt, Lottie's heading off on a week-long residential school trip. A whole week away from embarrassing parents and Toby's tasty air biscuits! But the trip soon turns into a total disaster. The other girls staying at the camp are MEGA-MEAN, best friend Jess is spending all her time with new girl Isha, and Lottie's diary gets stolen! Who knew a school trip could cause so much DRAMA?!

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories

Age: From 9 to 12 years


Katie Kirby

448 pages

H: 198mm W: 129mm Spine: 27mm

Weight: 355 grams