Learn To Draw Manga Women

Learn To Draw Manga Women

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Learn to create detailed female characters to include in your own comic strip or graphic novel! Professional manga and anime artist Kyachi offers aspiring artists an easy-to-follow approach to drawing manga women. For beginners, it can be intimidating to know where to start when drawing the human form. This book is meant to dispel those fears and wipe away any hesitation, so you can begin with a blank page or empty screen and start populating it with people. Soon your simple forms will take on greater detail and your characters will come to life before you!

Kyachi has distilled her specialized knowledge of the skeleton, muscles and physical structures, explaining and analyzing the most difficult aspects of figure drawing and presenting it to you in a clear and simple way.

With this all-in-one, how-to guide you’ll:

Create compelling characters and eye-catching action poses
Learn about contrapposto (a specialized art term, meaning that most of the body’s weight rests on either the left or right leg, achieving an angular or asymmetrical stance)
Master traditional freehand, as well as digital techniques
Follow along with the step-by-step progressions, before it’s time to try it on your own
Consult the cartoon guide who pops up and chimes in when expert tips are needed most

A series of detailed lessons shows you how to draw the female form in every possible position. Individual chapters cover standing, sitting, reclining, walking, running and jumping. Essential details are then added–such as realistic creases to clothing and colorizing with brightness, contrast and saturation effects. Lovers of action manga and those hoping to create original, complex female characters will find this book absolutely indispensable!