Kakapo  Keeper

Kakapo Keeper

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Written in diary form by the assistant of Richard Henry based on Resolution Island from July 1894 to June 1908. Each chapter starts with a lift from the diary of Andrew Burt (14) as he recounts the action of the day.

Mr Richard Henry was employed as Chief Conservator based in Dusky Sound, on New Zealand's lower west coast. Henry and Burt are assigned to catch kakapo and kiwi living on the mainland of New Zealand because they're disappearing and may become completely extinct. One day, Burt ponders, people might read a book about saving kakapo and kiwi, written by a famous Assistant Conservator named Andrew Burt. Through the Andrew's eyes we follow the struggle to save New Zealand's endangered wildlife. He has also included interesting maps, curios and information for the reader.

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories


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