It's a Pug's Life: Lessons in Living and Love

It's a Pug's Life: Lessons in Living and Love

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Renowned illustrator Gemma Correll presents sage advice for pugs of all shapes and sizes in this collection of hilarious cartoons.

Life for a pug can be confusing. On the one hand, people stop in the street and squeal at the cuteness of your appearance, but on the other people don't take too kindly to your desires to fart at will or lick yourself in public. So how does today's pug learn to navigate through the pitfalls of the modern world?

With It's a Pug's Life of course! Divided into two sections - Manners & Etiquette and Relationships - this hilarious guide will teach a pug everything he or she needs to know about life, love, and everything in between - whether that's etiquette of the street or matters of the heart.

Cartoons, Lifestyle - Hobbies and Leisure


Gemma Correll

128 pages

H: 152mm W: 115mm

Weight: 220 grams