I am Autistic: An interactive and informative guide to autism (by someone diagnosed with it)

I am Autistic: An interactive and informative guide to autism (by someone diagnosed with it)

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NZ Children & Young Adult Book Awards

Finalist in Best First Book NZSA Award Click here to visit the Awards Shortlist

An essential guide to understanding autism - for autistic people and their families, friends and workmates.

When Chanelle Moriah was diagnosed with autism at 21, life finally began to make sense.

Hungry for information, Chanelle looked for a simple resource that could explain what autism is and how it can impact the different areas of an autistic person's life, but found that there was little written from the perspective of someone who is autistic.

So Chanelle decided to create that missing resource.

Chanelle discovered just how difficult it can be for autistic adults - particularly females or those assigned female at birth - to be diagnosed or even be assessed for autism. This is partly because there is very little understanding of the different ways autism can present itself.

I Am Autistic is a tool for both diagnosed and undiagnosed autistics to explain or make sense of their experiences. It also offers non-autistic people the chance to learn more about autism from someone who is autistic.

With clear sections describing the different aspects of autism, accompanied by Chanelle's beautiful illustrations, and with space for readers to write down their thoughts, this book is designed to be personalised to the individual's experience.

I Am Autistic helps people feel less alone in their autism and brings knowledge to an often-misunderstood condition.

Author Biography: Chanelle Moriah lives in Wellington and is a keen illustrator who enjoys bubble tea, lego and sitting in the rain.

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Chanelle Moriah

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