How To Survive (Almost) Anything

How To Survive (Almost) Anything

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How do you construct a camp?

Build a fire?

Administer first aid?

How do you survive out in the wilderness?

Fend off a shark?

What about economic collapse? Or extreme weather? Or urban warfare?

In How to Survive (Almost) Anything, ex-special forces soldier Ollie Ollerton passes on all his skills and knowledge built from a career in the armed forces across many different terrains. Meticulously, he shows you how to prepare your instincts, ready your mentality and hone your skills so that you will have the tools and the know-how to survive. Whatever comes next.

Sports and Active outdoor recreation, Society and Social Sciences, Family and health


Ollie Ollerton

288 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm Spine: 21mm

Weight: 351 grams