Houseplants and Design: A New Zealand Guide

Houseplants and Design: A New Zealand Guide

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The ultimate guide to houseplants.

Houseplants have never been hotter. They have the power to instantly turn a house into a home and to create a feeling of peace and calm, transforming both your physical space and your headspace.

Bringing nature inside is a simple way to maintain a connection to the outdoors. To nurture an indoor garden is to nurture ourselves.

Award-winning lifestyle and travel writer Liz Carlson of Young Adventuress and NODE has created the complete guide to growing, propagating and caring for indoor plants.

Offering a comprehensive catalogue of our most beloved and rare species, along with unique ways to style houseplants and troubleshoot common issues - and showcasing some of the most stylish indoor spaces in New Zealand - Houseplants and Design is the ultimate modern guide to tending a thriving indoor space.



Liz Carlson

352 pages

H: 230mm W: 170mm

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