Growing Up: An Inclusive Guide to Puberty and Your Changing Body

Growing Up: An Inclusive Guide to Puberty and Your Changing Body

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Growing up is a natural part of life, and every child deserves to understand the different ways their body may change as they grow older. While puberty happens to everyone, every child's journey from childhood to being a grown-up will be as unique as they are!

In this honest, accessible illustrated guide to puberty, young readers can find out exactly what may happen as they grow from being a child to becoming a grown-up. From getting taller and discovering hair growing in new places to developing breasts, experiencing periods or having wet dreams, this book provides the perfect stepping stone for every caregiver to have an open conversation about what it really means for a child to be growing up.

Working closely with a leading national LGBT organisation as well as a biology specialist and an equality, diversity and inclusivity consultant, Growing Up covers everything from biological sex and gender identity to physical changes and emotional development, including sections on friendships and emotional health, creating and respecting boundaries and online safety. Written in friendly and accessible language that can be shared with a child or read independently, Growing Up also includes a further reading section and glossary to answer more complex questions, as well as signposting where young readers can find help from trusted sources outside of the home or school environment.

Contents: Spread 1: IntroductionSpread 2: Biological sex and gender identity
Spread 3: Hormones and mood swings
Spread 4: Getting taller, growing body hair, starting to experience body odour, spots
Spread 5: Changes experienced by people born with a vulva: breast growth and other physical changes
Spread 6: Changes experienced by people born with a vulva: periods and how to cope with them
Spread 7: Changes experienced by people born with a penis: body hair and facial hair growth, penis and testicle growth, vocal changes
Spread 8: Changes experienced by people born with a penis: more frequent erections, wet dreams
Spread 9: Dealing strong feelings (both positive and negative), changing friendships, respecting differences. Attraction is framed through the prism of friendship as opposed to romantic/sexual attraction.
Spread 10: Boundaries, consent and taking responsibility for your own behaviour in day-to-day social interactions
Spread 11: Online safety, including taking responsibility for your own behaviour online
Spread 12: Conclusion/summary
Spread 13: Further reading/extra questions: more detailed information about biological sex and gender identity, more detailed information about online safety including understanding your digital footprint, and more detailed information about the seriousness of cyberbullying. This spread also includes a recommendation of safe places/organisations a child can reach out to for help if they do not feel they can ask questions or express themselves/be listened to at home, at school or in the community.
Spread 14: Glossary


Clare Owen, Rachel Greener

32 pages

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