Grave Expectations

Grave Expectations

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'Read this fabulous book - you will not regret it!' Ben Aaronovitch

Claire and Sophie aren't your typical murder investigators . . .

When 30-something freelance medium Claire Hendricks is invited to an old university friend's country pile to provide entertainment for a family party, her best friend Sophie tags along. In fact, Sophie rarely leaves Claire's side, because she's been haunting her ever since she was murdered at the age of seventeen.

On arrival at The Cloisters it quickly becomes clear that this family is hiding more than just the good china, as Claire learns someone has recently met an untimely end at the house.

Teaming up with the least unbearable members of the Wellington-Forge family - depressive ex-cop Basher and teenage radical Alex - Claire and Sophie determine to figure out not just whodunnit, but who they killed, why and when.

Together they must race against incompetence to find the murderer - before the murderer finds them... in this funny, modern, media-literate mystery for the My Favourite Murder generation.

Crime and mystery fiction, Horror and supernatural fiction


Alice Bell (author)

400 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm Spine: 28mm

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