Gigantosaurus - Finding Dinosia

Gigantosaurus - Finding Dinosia

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An epic adventure with four little dinos on the hunt for the magical Dinosia based on the Gigantosaurus TV series and characters by Jonny Duddle.

Bill, Mazu, Rocky and Tiny are BORED. They want to go on an exciting adventure but there aren't ANY in Cretacia! But then they learn of the fantastical Dinosia. But where is this mystical place? So the four friends set out in search of it. And perhaps, all the fun and adventure they could ever need is closer to home than they thought . . .

Join them in the latest episode and read the story to find out! Discover more of this international, bestselling series in The Story of Gigantosaurus, The Dino-Sitters Club, Crying Wolfasaurus, The Big Mean Green, and dino fact-packed Dinopedia.

Children’s: picture books - activity books - early learning concepts, Children’s / Teenage: Personal and social topics, Children’s / Teenage: General interest

Age: From 5 to 7 years


Cyber Group Studios

32 pages

H: 254mm W: 254mm Spine: 4mm

Weight: 210 grams