Fluff, Bullies Beware! (Fluff, #1)

Fluff, Bullies Beware! (Fluff, #1)

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The hilarious and unmissable new series about Gilbert, a boy whose best friend is an imaginary giant fluffy bunny called Fluff, from the creator who brought us The Odds, Funny Kid and Bored.

Gilbert's underpants are hanging on the school gate.

He must get revenge on the bully who put them there and who better to help than A BUNNY WITH ATTITUDE!

A hilarious story full of heart and packed with drones, wedgies, rockets and Parmesan cheese!

From the creator of Funny Kid and The Odds comes the best friend you could ever imagine ... Fluff!

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories, Children’s / Teenage: General interest, Children’s / Teenage: Personal and social topics

Age: From 7 years


Matt Stanton

216 pages

H: 190mm W: 151mm Spine: 15mm

Weight: 218 grams