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All kids will want to head to the chopper when it is this amazing Construct It Flexibles Helicopter. The Flexibles line from Construct It is taking to the skies with this awesome set that kids will love!

The Construct It Flexibles Helicopter is a great set in the Flexibles series. This series is all about bringing the fun and engineering excitement that the main line offers to younger children. Everything in this set is designed with younger kids in mind. The pieces are made from a strong, but flexible plastic, and the tools that are included in the box are child safe too. At 78 pieces, kids have a fun challenge ahead of them and the step-by-step instructions make sure there is no frustration with construction.

While it is clear that there is a great deal of fun to be had with this Construct It Flexibles Helicopter. Construct It pride themselves on helping children learn new skills. Each set in the Flexibles series is designed with the principles of STEM learning at its core. This means that children will be developing various skills as they play and this is how you make these new skills truly stick with them. From using their fine motor skills, their problem-solving skills and even getting them to think more creatively!

Suitable for ages 4 and up.

Key Features:

The instructions are designed to be very easy to follow

This is a great gift for a child who enjoys making things

Using real tools is something kids always find a lot of fun

The helicopter once built will be fun to play with

They will be learning new skills thanks to this set!