Fairy Forest School: Starlight Adventure: Book 6

Fairy Forest School: Starlight Adventure: Book 6

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A magical fairy school series about helping animals and looking after nature, from the publisher of the best-selling series, Rainbow Magic!

Poppy Merrymoss is taking part in the Starlight Dance Show with her best friends Ninad and Rose. They're so excited to perform in the magical toadstool ring with their new firefly friends, Zip and Zap. But before the big performance, mean Lady Nightshade puts an evil spell on the forest, making it night time forever! All the forest animals are confused and exhausted without day and night to guide them. Poppy and her friends must help the animals and make things right. Will they fix day and night before the big show?

Have you read Poppy Merrymoss's other adventures, Fairy Forest School: The Raindrop Spell, Fairy Forest School: Baby Bunny Magic, Fairy Forest School: The Snowflake Charm, Fairy Forest School: Lily Pad Rescue and Fairy Forest School: Red Panda Riddle?

Children’s / Teenage fiction and true stories, Children’s / Teenage: Social issues, Children’s / Teenage: General interest

Age: From 5 to 7 years


Olivia Brook

128 pages

H: 196mm W: 128mm Spine: 14mm

Weight: 111 grams