Eyes on Flies

Eyes on Flies

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A fascinating, funny, fly-tastic exploration of these important and ingenious insects by an award-winning Australian entomologist.

Buzzing with hilarious facts and eye-popping photos, EYES ON FLIES reveals the hidden lives of flies and all the astonishing things they can do. You won't believe what you read!

* Without flies, there would be no chocolate. * Flies have been brave for millions of years. The ancestors of the horse fly used to bite the T-rex. * Flies love sports. They are champion bowlers, wrestlers and even scuba divers. * Flies can live anywhere - from freezing cold Antarctica to scorching hot volcanic baths. * Maggots help solve crime and might be the next superfood of the 21st century! * Flies are masters of disguise. Some look like bees or even spiders to hide from predators. * Flies are amazing gardeners. Hairy flies make the best pollinators! * Flies can be stars of the show. Just ask the Beyonce fly.

Appealing and engrossing non-fiction for kids aged 4+ years.

Children’s / Teenage: General interest, Mathematics and Science, Nature and the natural world: general interest


Bryan Lessard

72 pages

H: 307mm W: 248mm Spine: 12mm

Weight: 664 grams