Everything to Play For: The QI Book of Sports

Everything to Play For: The QI Book of Sports

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Hop, skip and jump into this wonderfully curious grand tour of the world of sports, from QI Elves James Harkin and Anna Ptaszynski.

From sport's weirdest rules to its most unlikely heroes, Everything to Play For is brimming with surprising facts and intriguing stories, covering everything from pole-vaulting priests to professional pillow-fighting.

If you've ever wondered what David Attenborough has to do with yellow tennis balls, why Victorian doctors feared the outbreak of 'bicycle face'; or what led ancient Egyptian athletes to have their spleens removed, this book has the answers to all your questions - and much more besides.

Sports and Active outdoor recreation


James Harkin, Anna Ptasynski

400 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm

Weight: 420 grams