Eco-Resin Crafts: 30 Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home

Eco-Resin Crafts: 30 Hand-Crafted Projects for the Home

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Hazel Oliver is the name behind Badger & Birch, whose eco-friendly practices include using solvent free and non-toxic resin, and incorporating natural waste such as mussel and oyster shells from her local restaurant, as well as natural minerals, gemstones and crystals.

In this her first book, Hazel shows you the basics of resin craft, including mixing and pouring, making moulds, and finishing your pieces.

The 30 projects include cups, trays, boxes and other items for the home, as well as moulded jewellery pieces in shell shapes and other natural forms. The soft colours, natural elements and beautiful finish of Hazel's work will inspire you to take up this flourishing new craft, or give you new ideas if you are already a keen resin crafter.

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Hazel Oliver

128 pages

H: 276mm W: 208mm

Weight: 518 grams