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Reviewed by Karen (Retired Bookseller); Serious police corruption in 1970's, Queensland, Australia, is very prevalent - Law-abiding Detective Ray Windsor resists & is banished to an outback town that is stuffing from drought, serious crime, racism & corruption.

Set against a background of awe-inspiring, dangerous and challening landscape, Ray Windsor leads a fight for justice.  With an excellant cast of interesting characters, this gripping crime thriller builds in intensity to a hair-raising climax through to the final pages.


Queensland in 1976 churns with corruption. When Detective Ray Windsor defies it, he is exiled deep into the state's west. It's easy out there to feel alien in your own country.

Royalton is a town on its knees, stricken by drought, riven by prejudice, and plagued by crimes left largely uninvestigated by the local police chief, Kennedy, and his elusive boss.

Mutual dislike between Kennedy and Ray gradually turns ugly as Ray and his new partner, Arshag, uncover a pattern of crimes that no one seems concerned about solving. But when two girls from local immigrant families are found dead and another disappears, Ray and Arshag are forced to take the law into their own hands. Not knowing who to trust, nor how deep the corruption runs, how long will it be before their lives are also threatened?

A spare and uncompromising crime thriller that pulls no punches.

Crime and mystery fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction


Frank Chalmers

360 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm

Weight: 474 grams