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Mitch Rapp returns to make a mortal enemy of Russia in this high-octane installment in the #1 New York Times bestselling series from 'one of the best thriller writers on the planet' (The Real Book Spy).

Mitch Rapp hates owing anyone a favour - especially when it's the world's most powerful crime lord. But when Damian Losa calls, Mitch is honour-bound to answer.

The Syrian government appears to have created a highly addictive new narcotic that it plans to distribute throughout Europe. It's a major threat to Losa's business and he's determined to send someone to keep him on top by any means necessary. Rapp is the perfect choice for the mission. Not only does he have extensive experience operating in the Middle East, he's also entirely expendable.

As he crosses into war-torn Syria, Rapp quickly discovers a shocking truth. The new drug isn't being produced by Damascus to prop up the government's collapsing finances. Instead, it was created by Russia's asymmetrical warfare unit, not for profit but as a weapon against the West.

With far more than Damian Losa's interests at stake, Rapp devises a desperate plan that forces him and his team onto a battlefield where the United States is virtually powerless, and allegiances shift almost hourly. Because if Russia uncovers their plot, it will set off a confrontation between the two countries that could change the course of human history.

Thriller / suspense fiction


Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

352 pages

H: 234mm W: 153mm