Cat Poems

Cat Poems

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'I control the mice with a cat, but how shall I control the cat?' - Franz Kafka

To your beauty cats endlessly captivate and hypnotise, frustrate and delight.

To poets, in particular, these enigmatic creatures are the most delightful and beguiling of muses, as they purr, prowl, hunt, play, meow, and nap, often oblivious to their so-called masters.

Cat Poems offers a litter of odes to our beloved felines by some of the greatest poets of all time.


Nature and the natural world: general interest, Poetry


Elizabeth Bishop, Stevie Smith, Ezra Pound, Charles Baudelaire, William Carlos Williams, Rainer Maria Rilke, Amy Lowell, W.B. Yeats, Various

96 pages

H: 178mm W: 111mm Spine: 7mm

Weight: 89 grams